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The belt drive garage opener possess a belt which has sky scraping tensile power. These belts which consist of stretchable material, move beside a rail and encase across a gear wheel at the head of opener. The belts are walked upward and downward by making use of wheel barrow at any moment you need to unlock or shut the door. The commonly used belt drive openers are substantial for solitary car garage door but these could not control the multiple garage doors. These door openers operate silently and evenly and brag inflated period of favor. The belt drive door openers need minimum sustentation. These openers have ability to open and close the door very swiftly and are acceptable for fixed or uncoupled garages. A well-established belt drive openers work best and very evenly for solitary car garage doors. These are outstanding option for those whose garage is incorporated with home.

LiftMaster 8355

LiftMaster garage door opener for home owner

LiftMaster 8550W

Ideal garage door opener for smart home

LiftMaster 8557

Smartphone control garage door opener

LiftMaster 8550WiFi garage door opener by liftmaster

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